Jul 5, 2021 Fear of Failure.


spend loose funds wisely. .

Looser, meanwhile, is a comparative adjective meaning more loose.

Example Loser in a sentence Michael might be a loser, but he is a gracious loser.

It also shows up as part of the casual phrase loosen up, which also means to relax. In a two-horse race there is always one winner and one loser. The show.

a sore loser.

The loser of the bet has to buy drinks for the winner. When to use lose. .

Loose can be used as an adjective ("not securely attached"), a verb ("to free something or someone"), and less commonly, a noun or adverb. , The shirt was loose on me, so I bought the next.



"Loser" was initially released as Beck&39;s second single by independent record label Bong Load Custom Records on 12-inch vinyl format with catalog number BL5 on March 8, 1993. .

When youve had a few blows in life, then you might develop a fear of failure. 24 May 2023 040033.

Loose would be a longer rope than lose because of the extra O.

someone or something that loses a game, contest, etc.

. 2. Worksheet Loose.

Apr 21, 2022 9) Gossiping. Apr 18, 2015 It didn&39;t matter if Billy Beane was, and still is, a "loser" according to the traditional standard. Its crazy how normal gossip is in daily conversations. . America will support you the same way Arizona did, meaning - NOT AT ALL. a sore loser.


. Aug 8, 2022 Loser is a noun used to describe a person who loses a game or competition.

Lucky loser.



loser 1 n a contestant who loses the contest Synonyms also-ran Antonyms victor , winner the contestant who wins the contest Types old maid the loser in a game of old maid Type of contestant a person who participates in competitions n a gambler who loses a bet Antonyms winner a gambler who wins a bet Type of gambler a person who wagers.

Both Looser and Loser are correct depending on the context.